The Society of Architects Planners Engineers and Surveyors, colloquially known as A.P.E.S., has been existence for 36 years in Cape Town. The Society hosts monthly talks on diverse topics of interest to architects, planners, engineers and surveyors, creating opportunities for the various professionals to network and continue their professional development. In addition to the monthly talks, the Society also organises a  four-part Presentation Series on an annual basis.


The objective of The Society is to foster co-operation and understanding between Architects Planners Engineers and Surveyors and other related professions and concerned persons, in the interests of both safeguarding and improving the environment for the community as a whole.


  • To create a better understanding of the relative functions, problems and contributions of persons involved in each discipline.
  •  To promote positive critique between the professions as a whole, as well as between Members within their respective disciplines.
  • To endeavour to resolve differences thereby engendering a spirit of co-operation amongst the professional Members of The Society.
  • To present an integrated common front in the environmental, functional, aesthetic, technical and socio-economic aspects of design and construction.
  • To inform the public and potential clients of the individual and combined services that can be offered by Members of The Society of Architects Planners Engineers and Surveyors.